Companies are eager to re-engage with their customers again after the pandemic. Many are starting—or restarting—a customer advisory board (CAB). Often, such programs are assigned to inexperienced marketing folks who must learn on the job—with your best customers as “guinea pigs.”

Or your company may already have an existing CAB program that may not be going very well. And you’re unsure of its accomplishments or even don’t know what the current status may be. For either scenario, training could be a lifeline for your program.

While CAB Training didn’t exist for “seasoned” managers years ago, it’s a resource available today. CAB training can help avoid minefields. You don’t want to damage customer relationships or your company’s reputation. And training will supercharge your CAB program for immediate success from day one.

Five reasons to consider CAB Training

1) Limited traditional resources

Nobody “majors” in running CABs. Traditional marketing training programs do not cover CAB management in their curriculums. CABs “newbies” typically start their CAB programs with little understanding of how to set it up or what a successful initiative should look like. Google is their best friend for learning as they go. But CABs are too important and the stakes are too high to rely on such online resources alone.

2) Virtual, interactive, and cost-effective

“Training” may elicit visions of dull in-person classrooms and boring, theoretical lectures. However, CAB training is 100% virtual—no need to travel. And the costs are very reasonable for the value delivered. Sessions are engaging and we encourage participants to ask questions throughout the training. Even better, participants address the challenges they are facing with their own programs.

3) Experienced pros teach CAB Training

The CAB Training trainers aren’t oblivious professors or inexperienced analysts sharing their theories. Instead, experienced CAB professionals deliver the training. They have extensive experience managing successful CAB programs for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, we provide comprehensive CAB Training materials and templates. So, CAB Training attendees can draft from proven documents to use in their own programs. The materials are directly drawn from what the Ignite CAB experts have used themselves and with clients.

4) Great reviews and feedback

Those who have taken CAB Training rave about the program and the value it provides. First, many point to the real-world applications and invaluable tools, processes, and guidance. Second, attendees appreciate the generous sharing and contributions of their peers in overcoming bottlenecks. Ample time for participant questions benefits all, as companies often experience similar challenges. Third, a key benefit is the content provided to be referenced for years after. Finally, the training equips you with the tools to go back to your company and take the CAB program to the next level.

 5) All experience levels

CAB Training is open to all levels of experience with CABs. Beginners are common at CAB Training. Others have attempted to start a CAB program and ran into issues. Or they are not seeing their CAB initiative deliver the value they (or their management) had hoped to see. And some have been managing CABs for a while and want new ideas and techniques to improve their CAB program. As such, comments and insights from attendees highlight common hurdles for all to learn from and mitigate.


CAB training fills a gap that wasn’t available years ago when many CAB managers started their careers and learned “the hard way” on the job. Now, their seasoned experience and lessons learned offer a unique and valuable opportunity for others new to CABs. New or seasoned CAB practitioners will gain ideas and learn from others to set their CAB program up for success. In doing so, not only will their CAB program flourish, but their careers tend to follow as well. Join our upcoming CAB Training starting July 2022, secure your spot as limited seats are available.

CAB Training Online

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