How to Create a Customer Advisory Board

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Ignite Advisory Group is the recognized leader in helping companies create, establish and manage world-class customer advisory board (CAB) or partner advisory board programs. By hiring Ignite to collaborate with you to create a world-class client advisory board program, you’ll confirm your initiative meets its objectives, delivers actionable insights and guidance to your company, and ensures your client advisory council members will be delighted with their participation.

Backed by over 300 advisory board engagements, our proven methodology for creating and managing customer advisory boards includes a 4-stage process, encompassing 48 deliverables and measured by 20 metrics to deliver a clear ROI.


Our proven 4-stage Customer Advisory Board process:

Advisory Board Design:

Creating a robust program plan that meets the needs of your company and delivers reciprocal value for the participating members. Key elements include: the charter, objectives and key performance indicators, key stakeholders interviews, internal goals and outcomes clarity and steering committee structure. We’ll share customer advisory board best practices to create a strong foundation and design for your CAB program and throughout each stage of the CAB process.

Member Recruitment:

Identifying the ideal participants in your CAB program, and empowering your team with the training and materials to reach out to them – and collect customer agreement and commitment to join. Ignite’s unique approach and methodologies result in a 90% acceptance rate.

Meeting Preparation and Facilitation:

Engaging with internal and external stakeholders and the CAB members themselves to create the most compelling agenda and meeting content possible, and then facilitating and managing your CAB meeting itself for optimal success.

Post-meeting Deliverables:

Creating and delivering a post-meeting report and prioritized action plan that ensures progress on the input collected from the CAB meeting itself, as well as a plan for ongoing communication and engagement with members in-between meetings.


The above processes involve over 48 deliverables that Ignite can provide to its clients over a 12-month client advisory council or partner advisory board engagement program. In addition, Ignite has 20 process metrics that can be used to measure full customer advisory board program return on investment (ROI).

Learn how Ignite can help you establish, manage and optimize a world-class customer advisory board program for your company.

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