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Leading B2B Companies Use Ignite’s CAB Design, Process and Methodology

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How Can A Client Advisory Board Help Your Company?

A Customer Advisory Board brings together your most important customers several times a year to discuss industry trends and challenges, product development, emerging needs and problems that need solving. The Client Advisory Council members rely on your products and services, and have a vested interest in seeing your products improve and your company thrive. A well managed Client Advisory Board provides high-impact value and guidance resulting in: deepening relationships with top accounts, getting strategic feedback and new product ideas, gaining better alignment internally and with your customers’ perspective, improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer advocacy, referrals and engagement, building thought leadership, and driving new sales revenue.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

JMoretti-image“Working under tight deadlines and with multiple Dell stakeholders Ignite Advisory Group delivered a best in class Customer Advisory Board experience for the President’s Advisory Board members and Dell.”



dellJoanne Moretti
VP & Global Head Software Marketing
Dell Software


Samuel-Johnson-image“Stronger customer relationships from CAB programs is not limited to revenue and retention. Ryder was asked to participate in a member-led industry forum – the only carrier firm to be asked. We see a direct link in how CAB showcases our thought leadership by tackling industry issues that are relevant to members’ businesses.”


RyderSamuel Johnson
VP, Global Marketing


Elly-Domene-image“Ignite Advisory Group’s extensive library of best practices, methodologies and templates has been instrumental in the overwhelming success of our Customer Advisory Board. O3b is based in the Netherlands and Ignite was able to provide outstanding coaching and mentoring from a long distance….. helping us to build a highly effective board.”



O3b_LOGOElly Domene
Director Global Customer Advocacy
O3b Networks


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Keys to a Successful Customer Advisory Board

What creates the magic in a Customer Advisory Board is the interaction between advisory board members, the lively discussions, the collective wisdom of the group. You put a business challenge or question on the table and let your customers discuss or debate a solution. That’s how the real issues get clarified, and how the fresh ideas surface. Remember that the Customer Advisory Board is about them, your customers. And this is where the ‘art’ of the CAB comes in: finding that intersection between what you want to know, and what they want to gain. How do you arrange it so your members get as much value (or more) from the CAB than you do? So it becomes critical to:

  • establish internal buy-in and align on CAB objectives (gain executive sponsorship)
  • document the mission and objectives of the CAB (create a charter)
  • invite the right customers (smart recruitment)
  • decide what mutually beneficial topics and issues to discuss (developing your agenda)
  • develop the meeting content and materials, properly guide the discussions (facilitating the meeting)
  • capture meeting insights and ensure consistent follow up (planning for ongoing engagement)
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In addition to our renowned services, Ignite offers comprehensive, hands-on training for customer advisory board managers.
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About Ignite Advisory Group

Ignite Advisory Group is the world’s leading consultancy focused exclusively on helping B2B companies engage with executives at key accounts through high-impact Customer Advisory Board and Partner Advisory Board programs. Our comprehensive services include outsourced program management, audit and optimization, advanced facilitation, online CAB training, program mentorship and much more. Backed by hundreds of advisory engagements with leading B2B companies, our proven methodology for managing and evolving Customer Advisory Boards includes a 4-stage process, encompassing 48 deliverables and measured by 20 metrics to deliver a clear ROI.

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