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Leverage our Expertise to Facilitate Your Next Customer Advisory Board Meeting for Maximum Impact

Avoid CAB program challenges attributed to ineffective meeting facilitation. Many B2B companies experience poor meeting engagement and don’t get the customer insights they need.   

It’s not anyone’s fault — despite the good intentions of your in-house facilitator, they likely don’t have the understanding, skill or the neutrality needed to manage and deliver an optimal CAB meeting.

Invest in a skilled CAB facilitator to ensure the best possible meeting experience and outcome for all participants.

CAB Workshop: Top Innovative Agenda Sessions

Why hire a third-party facilitator for your next CAB meeting?

  • Leverage deep CAB experience: Professional CAB meeting facilitators possess many years of experience managing CAB meetings for many industries and companies. They’ve learned the many pitfalls and keys to meeting success. They understand the steps needed to prepare for strong meetings and drive engagement.
  • Provide program neutrality: Experienced CAB facilitators manage all meeting participants and intervene when necessary. They provide meeting neutrality and make very good meeting “referees.” Meetings stay on-track according to the timeline. They ensure that session goals are delivered and CAB members are engaged.
  • Improve customer experience and get member recognition: Better CAB meeting facilitation leads to a better customer experience. Your busy CAB members are investing their time to contribute to your CAB. Your customers will appreciate your dedication to make sure their time is well spent. 
  • Get better session design and tactics: Professional CAB facilitators deliver innovative and engaging agendas. They select the best session design and engagement techniques. They ensure the 80:20 rule, so your customers talk 80% of the time. Uncover customer insights in unique and fun ways. Avoid death by PowerPoint.
  • Deliver better meeting outcomes: Experienced CAB facilitators ensure your meeting is set up for success. Customers appreciate being heard and their ideas captured. Your customers will keep attending CAB meetings for valuable business insights from peers. And they’ll engage in other customer advocacy activities.

Learn more about how how Ignite facilitation can yield strong insight and member participation for your customer advisory board program.

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Create Engaging CAB Meeting Agendas

Experienced CAB facilitators don’t just show up at the CAB meeting. They help you craft compelling meeting agendas, well before the meeting date. They ensure that CAB meeting agendas are customer-driven and co-created with your company. The CAB agenda is all about arriving at the topics and themes that you and your customers most care about. We’ll help you get there.

Ignite CAB facilitators help you achieve the best CAB meeting agenda through these various elements:

  • Facilitate internal stakeholder meetings to determine agenda topics
  • Design and conduct CAB member interview questions
  • Analyze interviews and produce report
  • Create the CAB meeting agenda
  • Gain internal consensus on agenda
  • Engage subject matter experts (SMEs) and session leaders to build content
  • Collaborate with SMEs to finalize session objectives, create the right discussion questions, and determine desired session outcomes
  • Craft agenda session facilitation plans and flow
  • Choose the best facilitation techniques and collaboration tools
  • Gain internal consensus on session facilitation plans
  • Design session plans for in-person vs. virtual cab meetings
  • Facilitate internal briefing and dry run
  • Plan for insights and action items collection process

CAB Agenda Creation Process

Customer Advisory Board Agenda Creation Process

Customer Advisory Board Agenda Creation Process

CAB Meeting Design Thinking Session

Improve Meeting Engagement, Get 2x Customer Insights

Use Ignite’s Library of Proven CAB Session Templates

Avoid boring, one-way meetings where your company is talking most of the time. You want your customers to talk most of the time and be engaged. Well-designed CAB meeting sessions enable you to get the actionable insights you need. Your customers will keep coming back to CAB meetings and engage with your company in other ways. 

Ignite CAB sessions generate high energy meetings with a lot of engagement. We’ll create unique meeting sessions designed to have your customers talking up to 80% of the time. Ignite’s library of proven CAB sessions has been tested at over 200 CAB meetings.  

CAB sessions incorporate Blue Sky Thinking, Ideation, Gamification and Design Thinking techniques. The CAB sessions deliver clear, actionable outcomes. We use multiple facilitation techniques, like individual working, working in pairs, and breakouts. 

CAB Session: Business Simulation

Understand buyer behaviors and best practices sharing.

CAB Session: Shark Tank
Innovation Competition

(Shark Tank) Gain new business ideas. Fun competition.

CAB Session: Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap Decisions

(Forks in the Road) Product development prioritization.

CAB session: Speedboat
Speedboat (Design Thinking)

Gain ideas for product enhancements that help customers overcome challenges.

CAB Agenda Sessions: Reimagining the Future
Reimagining the Future

Gain new product ideas and insights into your industry’s evolution.

Ignite Approach to CAB Meeting Agenda Session Development

Customer Advisory Board Agenda Session Development

Contact us to find out how Ignite’s expertly facilitated CAB sessions deliver better meeting outcomes.

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“Stronger customer relationships from CAB programs is not limited to revenue and retention. Ryder was asked to participate in a member-led industry forum – the only carrier firm to be asked. We see a direct link in how CAB showcases our thought leadership by tackling industry issues that are relevant to members’ businesses.”

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