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Leverage our Expertise to Facilitate Your Next Customer Advisory Board Meeting for Maximum Impact

There are many reasons to hire a professional facilitator to run your next customer advisory board (CAB) meeting. Perhaps you have an internal person doing so now, but need someone more experienced in getting the most from your members and the overall program. Indeed, there are many benefits to having an impartial, “neutral” third-party to run your client advisory board meeting.

The top 5 reasons to hire a professional facilitator:

1. SAVE TIME AND MONEY: By leveraging our experience in having created over 200 client advisory council engagements, we save you the time and money of having to “learn on the go.”

2. WORLD-CLASS ENGAGEMENT: We’re certain your customer advisory board will be rated as world-class by your clients – our average meeting attendee scores are 9.54 out of 10.

3. COMPELLING AGENDA: Our process involves interviewing internal stakeholders and your customers to ensure your customer advisory board meeting agenda will be compelling and engaging for all participants.

4. BETTER INSIGHTS: The Ignite team are experts in facilitation exercises to collect valuable customer insights that your business can use to improve strategic planning.

5. MORE SENIOR EXECUTIVE ATTENDEES: Ignite helps you manage the recruitment process to drive more senior customer executives to attend your client advisory board meeting.

Learn more about how how Ignite facilitation can yield strong insight and member participation for your customer advisory board program.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Running 11 global boards with 200 members is a daunting task. Ignite AG’s outcome based methodologies and extensive best practices give us a dynamic blueprint for Customer Advisory Board success.”

Adobe Customer Advisory BoardAlison Lutjemeier
Sr. Manager, Customer Advisory Board
Adobe Systems, Digital Marketing BU

“The Customer Advisory Board went extremely well. Most customers told me that it was the best Customer Advisory Board of their professional life, period.”

HP Customer Advisory BoardJacques Conand
Product Director, IT Service Management

“Stronger customer relationships from CAB programs is not limited to revenue and retention. Ryder was asked to participate in a member-led industry forum – the only carrier firm to be asked. We see a direct link in how CAB showcases our thought leadership by tackling industry issues that are relevant to members’ businesses.”

Ryder Customer Advisory BoardSamuel Johnson
VP, Global Marketing

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