Customer Advisory Boards are an excellent tool for managing your strategic growth. Many times, we don’t hear about why Customer Advisory Boards do not succeed.

Watch our video series on the top reasons why Customer Advisory Boards fail. Reason 1 of 10 why Customer Advisory Boards fail is: it’s too much work. Sometimes, C-level executives have unrealistic expectations about the time involved to prepare for, execute and manage a Customer Advisory Board.
One essential area of focus for a Customer Advisory Board is content. Content is the rocket fuel that drives a successful Customer Advisory Board. Without successful content, you won’t have a successful meeting.

Using the example of creating an agenda, what does it take to create a successful agenda? We recommend an agenda creation process that takes up to 3 months. Learn the 7-step process for the agenda creation process in the video.

After you’ve watched, let us know your experiences with agenda creation. Stay tuned for the next videos in the series! Watch part 2 of 10 on Why Customer Advisory Boards Fail: Short Term Thinking.

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