How do you promote your Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or Partner Advisory Board (PAB)?

After months of aligning your advisory board to corporate strategic goals, gaining internal executive buy-in, designing and planning the board, and implementing the board, you want the advisory board program to continue and succeed after the face-to-face meeting.

Maintaining the board in between face-to-face meetings requires year-round, ongoing engagement from both advisory board members and key internal stakeholders.

Part of maintaining the momentum of a board is showcasing the board internally and externally.  Below is a list of top ways to promote your client advisory board externally (with some examples from the web) and gain traction for its ongoing growth.

1. Write a corporate blog post about your Customer Advisory Board.

2. Issue a press release about your Customer Advisory Council.

Here are a few examples of recent customer advisory council press releases issued by B2B companies:

3. Leverage host company stakeholders/ employees to share on social media

Alison Lutjemeier, Sr. Manager, Customer Advisory Board, Adobe, shared photos on twitter of an Adobe Customer Advisory Board meeting taking place in Sydney, Australia:

Dev Ittycheria, CEO of MongoDB shared on twitter about MongoDB’s customer advisory board meeting:

                      Alan Atkinson, VP/GM, Dell Storage, posted on twitter about their partner advisory board:                                    


Jim Crowley, Chief Relationship Officer, at Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company, wrote about their client advisory board on his LinkedIn page:

Pershing BNY Mellon Client Advisory Board

4. Add a page to your website focused on your Customer Advisory Board.

Many companies highlight and promote their customer advisory boards or partner advisory boards via a dedicated website or page on their website. Here are some examples:

5. Get a mention of your Customer Advisory Council in an industry article.

  • In this InsideBIGDATA interview, the Hortonworks Senior Director, Global Project Marketing mentions use case feedback from their customer advisory council.
  • In another interview at Asian Legal Business, the President of Lexmundi mentions their client advisory council.
  • This Channel Futures article about a new Keminario program includes a quote from Keminario’s Vice President of Global Marketing about their partner advisory council.
  • This article about the SAP Partner Advisory Board appears at the Economic Times CIO.

How are you gaining visibility for you advisory board?

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