About Ignite Advisory Group

Ignite Advisory Group specializes in fostering executive engagement through high-impact Customer Advisory Boards and Partner Advisory Boards.

Unlock Your Reciprocal Value Proposition

Many companies rightly feel their top customers are their crown jewels. And, they are reluctant to engage third-party assistance especially with their decision-maker customers.

As with any other business decision, the scales tip when it becomes beneficial to leverage expertise beyond your core competency set, especially if another resource will accelerate your market entry or success. Our secret sauce is crafting collaboration that surfaces or strengthens reciprocal value propositions.  

Ignite Advisory Group helps you open up a dialogue between companies and senior decision makers leading to strategic input for your business that expands your options to better serve your customers. Along the way, this collaboration improves internal executive alignment on the best way to move forward in your given industry and market.

Third Party Objectivity

The flip side of in-house captive thinking is third party objectivity – more outside-in balanced thinking geared to maximize success. You’ve read about our comprehensive and robust Integrated Advisory Services. And there are additional gains to a company that collaborates with Ignite Advisory Group as well.

  • Complete, continuous collaboration end-to-end.
  • Benefit of “multiple practitioners” with track record of serving multiple industries and hundreds of CAB meeting and planning sessions
  • Agility to make on-the-fly adjustments as member or business dynamics change
  • Unvarnished counsel with a sounding board based on proven practices across multiple industries
  • Effective coaching for program managers and CAB leadership team, as well as subject matter experts

Finally, many companies envision going solo to lead their Customer Advisory Board programs in-house. If that’s your destination, we accelerate and support that goal with a build, operate and transfer approach that shifts greater responsibility to the sponsoring company over time, from one to three years depending upon internal resources.

Sustainable Initiative

Many Customer Advisory Board programs fail to generate momentum beyond the first meeting. That’s why leading companies rely on Ignite Advisory Group’s

  • Member engagement methodology
  • Customer Advisory Board best practices
  • Internal sphere of influence model

These resources ensure that your Customer Advisory Board program is a sustainable initiative that will generate measurable business value and strengthen relationships with your most important customers.

All leadership team members, and especially the chief financial officer, appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Customer Advisory Board meeting. In 48 to 72 hours, your executives can meet one-on-one or in small groups with their most important customers. And, throughout the Customer Advisory Board meeting, the customer is acting as a player-coach to your enterprise on mutually significant business issues.

To learn more about why engaging an advisory board expert is the right resource for your company, contact Ignite Advisory Group today.