[CAB Workshop] How to Create a Business Case for Your Customer Advisory Board ​

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In this CAB Workshop, we talked about how to create a compelling business case for initiating or maintaining a customer advisory board (CAB) program. We covered the key questions to ask to complete your CAB business case.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to secure ongoing support for an existing board, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to get your CAB program up and running.

Access our CAB business case template here. Fill in the CAB business case template (Google slides) with your company’s information and make any necessary edits. And then you can use the deck to share internally with your management team.

Here’s the content in the webinar:
00:00 CAB Workshop opens
01:49 Agenda, intros, about Ignite
03:34 Poll: Status of your CAB program?
05:01 Why do you need a CAB business case? What to include in a business case?
09:06 Poll: Biggest CAB program challenges?
10:51 Critical questions to ask #1 to #3
Question #1: How Do We Currently Engage with Our Customers?
Question #2: How are we receiving product input and feedback?
Question #3: Are we launching any new products (or expanding into new markets?)
17:31 Critical questions to ask #4 to #6
Question #4: How do we Test new Products?
Question #5: Do Our Customers Renew / Buy our other Products?
Question #6: Do Our Customers Act as Referrals?
22:50 Critical questions to ask #7 and #8
Question #7: Do our customers appear in our marketing materials?
Question #8: Does our company communicate thought leadership?
25:33 How do you get CAB members to participate in marketing initiatives?
27:21 Critical questions to ask #9 and #10
Question #9: How do our leaders learn about market trends?
Question #10: Are we aware of the ROI a CAB can bring?
33:26 What is the best way to present the CAB business case to management?
34:49 How do you find the right customers for a CAB?
36:22 What is the average cost for the planning and execution of a CAB?
37:23 What number of members is the best board size?
39:43 We are struggling with in-person attendance. How do we show what’s in it for them?
42:16 How many employees should be at a CAB meeting?
44:33 How to make a Product Roadmap session interactive (and not boring)?
46:11 CAB Resources – business case template, CAB events
49:06 End of the workshop

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