Lately we’ve all been hearing about the focus on customer experience and making sure that companies are leveraging the overall value and achieving ROI from their customers’ experience and interactions with the company.

Here at Ignite Advisory Group, we only focus on Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and Partner Advisory Boards. While marketers may not at first have CABs at the top of their list when it comes to customer experience, CABs are one of the most effective and impactful B2B customer programs for engaging with key customer executives.  We’ve got lots of information on the benefits of Customer Advisory Boards: at our website, from these survey results on CAB value, and at our blog.

Defining customer experience

Getting back to customer experience (CX), here are some definitions of CX:

Top Recent Customer Experience Articles

Customer focus, providing value and making decisions that are data-driven and based on customer insights and needs along the entire customer journey are common themes.

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