[Webinar On Demand] VMware Partner Advisory Board: How to Effectively Launch Your Inaugural Meeting Virtually ​Watch the Video Below ↓

This fireside chat features industry leader Kathleen Tandy, Vice President of Global Partner & Alliances Marketing, VMware, and Ignite’s Nancy Trachtenbarg, Senior Consultant & Facilitator. Kathleen shares real-world tips, best practices, and lessons learned from VMware’s inaugural Executive Partner Advisory Board meeting, held virtually.

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Here’s the content in the webinar:
[00:00] Overall Webinar Introduction, About Ignite, Poll
[03:38] Fireside Chat Introduction
[04:40] Overview of the VMware Partner Advisory Board
[08:44] How VMware measures advisory board success
[11:17] Recommended board size
[14:26] Advisory board recruitment and onboarding best practices
[20:37] Determining mutually beneficial advisory board meeting agenda topics
[21:47] Planning for engagement on virtual meetings
[23:30] CAB Recruitment: Why your C-level executive sponsor should personally extend invitations to join the board
[24:30] The importance of advisory board meeting planning, engaging internal key stakeholders on agenda creation, and breakout session tips
[31:44] Why fewer agenda topics are better
[36:12] Leveraging advisory board meeting technology and features
[42:22] Is it better to have global or regional advisory boards?
[45:13] Should we record the advisory board meeting?
[48:04] What would VMware do differently next time?
[50:20] When is VMware getting back to in-person advisory board meetings?
[53:52] Do companies have to cover airfare for advisory board members?
[55:51] VMware’s advice for companies who want to launch a board but are hesitant to launch virtually