Virtual Customer Advisory Board Offering

There are three key components to successful virtual CAB management: effective facilitation, using the latest meeting technology, and automating CAB tasks. Ignite’s team of facilitators will help you design and run virtual CAB meetings that achieve high levels of engagement among your customers. Our facilitators will provide guidance and coaching through every step of virtual CAB meeting planning, in addition to facilitating the meeting.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Here’s the transcript of the video:

Hello. My name is Gavin Nathan. I’m a senior consultant and partner at Ignite Advisory Group. And I’m here to talk to you about virtual customer advisory board programs.

So we have a metric at Ignite for a successful customer advisory board meeting. And that is what we call the 80:20 rule. We aim to have the members of the advisory board speaking 80% of the time.

The goal is to have a highly interactive meeting where everybody gets a chance to share their ideas.

So how do we achieve this? The most critical component of a virtual customer advisory board meeting is effective facilitation.

The facilitator must know how to read the virtual room, engage everyone in the conversation, control dominant members or executives, tie loose threads together, dive deep when needed.

And at the same time know when to allow the conversation to flow, ask the right questions that would lead to quality outcomes. And lastly, be able to provide closure on each topic.

Ignite has assembled a team of trained facilitators with expertise, working with very senior fortune 500 executives across every industry.

Without an Ignite trained facilitator, you are placing a heavy burden on your internal staff.

Ignite also gives you access to the latest and greatest meeting technology. We’ve developed techniques to seamlessly integrate meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft teams with online brainstorming platforms, such as mural, enabling an idea, gathering on sticky notes and then quickly sorting ideas into common themes.

We also love using virtual breakouts. They enable more time for your customers to interact with their peers in small group discussions. So you collect on average three times more insights, as conversations are happening simultaneously.

The best run virtual advisory board programs meet every quarter of the year. That takes a lot of work to administer. So you need a platform to automate many of the management tasks that happen throughout the year. In order to achieve that, we’ve created a portal. It contains a lot of the items the customer advisory board members frequently request: the charter, which has the goals and missions of the advisory board, information on all of the host company and members of the advisory board, there’s the opportunity to do surveys. You can co-create agendas with the advisory board members. And there’s also a very detailed agenda that enables drill down into additional information. To summarize, leveraging Ignite facilitators results in 90% positive member feedback.

Integrating the latest meeting technologies increases member engagement by 50%. And automating CAB tasks, we do reduce the internal CAB management time by 50%. I invite you to visit our website to schedule a free consultation at We’ll talk to you about your program and make some recommendations. Thank you.