[CAB Workshop] A Blueprint for Effective Customer Advisory Board Strategy and Design

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In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a winning strategy and design for your advisory board. And how to gain internal alignment to launch your advisory board. We’ll talk about how to create an effective CAB charter.

Are you tasked with redesigning an advisory board? How will you evolve and adapt your advisory board as your customers’ or business needs change? We’ll also share tips to revamp your advisory board and maximize its business impact.

What you will learn:

  • How to determine the objectives and success metrics for your advisory board.
  • The key elements you need for effective CAB design.
  • What to include in your advisory board charter.
  • Tips to redesign your advisory board.

Speaker: Judy Davis, Vice President, Client Engagement, Ignite Advisory Group

Workshop content:
0:00 Workshop opens
01:59 Housekeeping, agenda, about Ignite, poll
05:37 Benefits of a CAB program
07:29 Types of advisory boards
07:50 Key CAB program components
10:01 CABs vs other engagement programs
10:54 Our CAB approach
14:20 CAB objectives and metrics
17:11 CAB design & internal alignment
19:36 CAB design decisions
21:20 CAB charter
23:03 Q What department should manage CAB?
23:50 CAB charter, continued
29:40 Redesigning a CAB
32:43 Q What if the majority of our customers are competitors?
34:43 Q Should the next CAB meeting dates be announced at the current meeting?
35:20 Q For an HR agency, does it make sense to have one CAB per division or a general CAB?
36:07 Q For CAB ROI, what is the most valuable metric internally?
39:53 Q Best way to track CAB feedback?
40:49 CAB events and resources
42:54 End of workshop

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