[CAB Workshop] Create Engaging Customer Advisory Board Meeting Agendas

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How do you create engaging customer advisory board (CAB) meeting agendas?

In this workshop, we cover the agenda creation process. And how to create customer-driven agendas. Learn why it’s important to interview CAB members before creating agendas.

We share sample agenda flows for both in-person and virtual meetings. And we talk about tips for ensuring engagement at CAB meetings. You’ll understand CAB meeting roles and our process for internal preparation.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll leave with the knowledge and tips to create effective CAB meeting agendas.

What you will learn:

  • The ideal agenda creation process for CAB meetings.
  • Discover different types of session formats to keep CAB members engaged.
  • Understand who should and should not be at CAB meetings.
  • Why internal prep is key to running successful CAB sessions.

Ignite CAB Expert: Nancy Trachtenbarg, Senior Consultant & Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group

Workshop content and questions asked:
00:00 Welcome, housekeeping, agenda
00:53 About Ignite
01:42 Agenda creation process
07:16 Q How far in advance to do interviews?
08:42 Member interviews call flow
10:57 Q Getting agenda topics so far in advance?
12:36 Q Staying on topic during agenda interviews?
13:49 Q How does Ignite get subject matter expertise for interviews?
16:06 Q Benefits of 3rd party interviewing members?
16:10 Creating powerful agendas
20:17 Example CAB meeting agendas
27:41 CAB meeting roles
32:28 Q Does 2:1 attendee ratio include facilitator/ note taker?
33:41 Session design
37:41 Breakout sessions
41:10 Use various facilitation techniques
43:07 CAB meeting preparation
47:05 Q Virtual CAB meeting engagement
49:49 Q Dealing with awkward silence?
51:43 Q CAB member tenure and how many meetings in membership period?
54:44 Q Sharing pre-reads before meeting?
56:10 Q Travel costs covered?
57:17 CAB resources
57:50 Webinar ends

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