Top 10 Tips for Making Your CAB Meetings Worth Traveling To

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How do you make your Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings so valuable and travel worthy that your customers will show up no matter what?

Your CAB members will gladly carve out time from their busy schedules. And your internal executive team will make sure not to miss a single meeting. It’s possible!

In this webinar, we’ll share ten tips to help you create successful and highly engaging CAB meetings. Your customers will leave the meeting knowing that it was time well spent and highly productive.

What you will learn:

  • Top challenges to in-person CAB meetings
  • How to make your CAB meetings compelling and mutually beneficial
  • Why your CAB members should drive your agenda

Speaker: Rob Jensen, Senior Consultant and Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group

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Webinar Content

0:00 Welcome, About Ignite, Poll
03:34 CAB Meeting Challenges
09:27 Tips for Making Your CAB Meetings Compelling
38:41 Q&A
50:41 CAB Resources

CAB Meeting Challenges section — We talked about the following challenges:

  • Changing Work Environment
  • Busy Executives
  • Negative Travel Experience
  • Video Tech (not the same as in-person meetings!)
  • Host-Company Focused Agenda
  • Unclear Value

Tips Section — Here are the tips we covered

  • Tip 1: Recruit Right Members with Charter Doc
  • Tip 2: Pay for All Meeting Expenses
  • Tip 3: Make Meeting Attendance (Travel) Easy
  • Tip 4: Avoid ‘Hybrid’ Meetings
  • Tip 5: Let Members Drive the Agenda
  • Tip 6: Determine What You Want to Learn (Not What You Want to Show and Tell)
  • Tip 7: Get People Moving
  • Tip 8: Deliver Learning Opportunities
  • Tip 9: Enable Benchmarking
  • Tip 10: Hold Engaging Social Activities

Tips Section — Audience questions we covered 

  • Do you have tips for the very 1st CAB meeting?
  • For membership tenure, what is the recommendation after 2 years of participation?
  • Agenda topics: do you let the CAB members come up with the topic?
  • Agenda topics: what if your CAB members want to discuss a topic that you don’t feel you have a presenter to facilitate the requested conversation?
  • CAB meeting gift ideas
  • What does a good follow up to a CAB meeting look like?

Q&A Section — Audience questions we covered

  • On enabling benchmarking at CAB meetings, can you share some benchmarking ideas?
  • Any tips for virtual CAB meetings?
  • Share examples of breakout sessions
  • Give an example of when you were successful and were not successful getting executives to attend in-person
  • Recommendation for CAB meeting duration