[Webinar] How Ryder Customer Advisory Boards Drive Priorities


Can you imagine a customer advisory board (CAB) so valuable that the host company’s chairman of the board doesn’t miss a single CAB meeting? Ryder has consistently delivered tangible solutions based on CAB feedback.

Ryder adeptly leverages their customer advisory boards to address the ongoing pandemic supply chain crisis. Their CABs help Ryder focus on the right priorities and investments.

In the fireside chat with Ryder’s Stephanie Wicky, Vice President, Marketing, she shares the secrets to ongoing customer advisory board success. We cover the importance of strong executive commitment and how Ryder is putting their CAB to work for them.


  • Guest speaker Stephanie Wicky, Vice President, Marketing, Ryder will share why their executive leadership is so engaged and how the CABs help Ryder with strategic prioritization.
  • Ignite’s Eyal Danon, President will have a fireside chat with Stephanie to discuss how the Ryder CABs are helping them navigate the pandemic supply chain disruption and what are the keys to the success of the Ryder CAB program.

What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • How Ryder gets strategic and advisory input from their CABs
  • Examples of leveraging CABs as a sounding board for product development
  • Timely, relevant CAB meeting content drives virtual meeting engagement
  • Tips to strengthen internal executive commitment and engagement
  • Why you must have the right internal team in place and plan well in advance