[Webinar on Demand] Pragmatic Institute Product Chat: How Being A Customer Advisory Board Member Can Ignite Your Career

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Companies know that learning more about their customers is the best way to improve their products. But is the research influencing meaningful change? More often than not, the answer is no. While many mediums facilitate customer engagement, this work only results in tactical, user-level augmentations that have a minor impact.

Thankfully, there’s a better strategy and that is a well-run Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Launching a CAB not only leads to significant product enhancements but can also uncover new solutions that lead to substantial revenue gains. But why should you be a member of a CAB?

Rob Jensen, VP of Marketing for Ignite, will share how a CAB is an effective career-building opportunity for product managers and product marketing managers who serve on them. Not only do members interact with their best customers, but they are also presenting product plans and roadmaps in front of their company executives who otherwise may not be aware of their skills and contribution to the company.

What You Will Learn During the Webinar:

  • How CABs can be used to improve product development roadmaps
  • Myriad benefits leading companies have gained from managing robust CAB programs
  • Examples of how your careers can benefit from participating in your company’s CAB program
  • The benefits of serving on a CAB
  • CAB program “must-dos” to ensure success
  • Resources available to start CAB program or improve one that is struggling

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