[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Customer Advisory Board Facilitation Strategies: Preparing for Effective Facilitation & Deeper Dive on Techniques

We’ve Identified the Preparation Required for Successful Customer Advisory Board Meeting Facilitation (and Techniques to Get Better Insights and Engagement at Customer Advisory Board Meetings)
What You Will Learn During the Webinar:

  • What is the ideal lead time for preparing for a CAB?
  • What are the key facilitator roles for CAB meetings and overall stakeholder roles for managing CABs?
  • How to best prepare for the CAB facilitation process?
  • How to coach discussion leaders for CAB meetings?
  • Facilitation checklists before and during CAB meeting sessions
  • Top CAB facilitation challenges
  • Deeper dive into facilitation techniques to overcome top challenges

If you’re looking to improve your customer advisory board meeting facilitation or want to find out the preparation required for facilitating CAB meetings, then this live webinar is for you.