WEBINAR Crafting Effective AI Sessions for CAB Meetings 


Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many B2B companies are trying to harness its power and drive efficiencies. They want to figure out how to integrate AI into their products while delivering a great customer experience.

Watch our webinar for a deep dive into Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting sessions focused on AI. These sessions can fall flat with lackluster discussion. Don’t let that happen!

Discover how to structure engaging and productive AI-focused conversations.


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What will you learn from the webinar?

  • How to craft CAB sessions for meaningful AI insights.
  • Examples of successful real-world AI-focused CAB sessions for you to replicate.
  • Practical lessons to avoid common pitfalls of AI sessions.

Here’s what we talked about (with the video timestamps):

00:00 Introduction and housekeeping
00:32 Agenda for session
02:06 About Ignite
03:56 Poll: Status of CAB program
04:57 AI is everywhere
05:47 Poll: Are your considering an AI session at your CAB meeting?
06:39 Why talk about AI at your CAB meeting
09:01 Key elements to consider
11:39 Tip: Prepare, prepare, prepare
13:09 Tip: Tailor AI discussion to your audience
15:10 Tip: Keep the conversation future focused
15:28 Example AI overview sessions
17:10 Example AI session discussion questions
22:02 Example AI session discussion questions, new session
23:15 Example breakout session discussion
24:50 In summary: final thoughts
26:24 CAB resources