Ask the Experts: Level Up Your Customer Advisory Board


Are you starting or improving your customer advisory board? If so, you’ve likely got questions…and we’ve got answers.

In this open forum webinar, marketing professionals asked us lots of CAB questions and our seasoned CAB expert Rob Jensen answered them. We discussed topics like measuring CAB impact, gathering internal buy-in for a CAB, post-meeting reporting, CAB social activities, and more.

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain clarity on any CAB topic, from setup to engagement and impact.
  • Uncover insights to maximize the value of your CAB.
  • Get practical tips to overcome common challenges and ensure CAB success.


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Here are the questions we discussed:

00:00 Introduction
04:16 Q Best way to deal with CAB member attendance issues?
06:21 Q How important is it to pre interview your members before a discussion?
07:48 Q Can you talk about internal team buy in and program socialization when launching a new CAB?
11:07 Q How do you measure the impact of your CAB?
15:27 Q Do you find that in-person meetings have greater attendance?
18:16 Q Do you encourage creating a LinkedIn CAB presence for members?
21:27 Q For a federal CAB, what’s the best way to do the second round of inviting?
26:09 Q What’s the best way to segment the CAB into smaller engaging groups?
29:35 Q Are keynote speakers a good way to attract the right CAB members?
34:49 Q Ways to ensure feedback from the CAB is incorporated by product?
37:06 Q How to report to CAB members after a meeting?
39:32 Q What are the challenges of having competitors in the same CAB?
42:23 Q What are good examples of CAB social activities?
45:39 Ignite CAB Resources: Schedule time to talk to an Ignite CAB Expert
47:13 Q At the end of the CAB member tenure, should there be a CAB alumni forum?
48:46 Closing remarks