Pragmatic Institute Product Chat: Managing Customer Advisory Boards During the Pandemic Crisis

As the Coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on a business, many product marketers/managers are unsure of the role customer advisory boards (CABs) should play at this time. While some are putting their CAB plans on hold, now is actually an ideal (and all-too-rare) opportunity for CABs to take a leadership position with your clients.


This session will describe:

  • Why your customers need guidance (and are looking for you for this) now more than ever
  • Why now is actually an excellent time to initiate a CAB program
  • The role virtual technologies play in engaging customers
  • Tips for optimizing online CAB engagements
  • Ideas for gathering virtual product feedback and input
  • Preparing for the “new normal” after the pandemic

Session leaders: Rob Jensen and Bonnie Smith, Senior Consultants, Ignite Advisory Group