Fireside Chat Key Learnings from the Insight CxO Client Advisory Council​


Fortune 500 company Insight launched its CxO Client Advisory Council in June 2021. They successfully recruited a strong roster of CIOs and technology leaders from a broad range of industries. They have since maintained a cadence of quarterly virtual meetings. Insight recently held their first in-person Council meeting.

The CxO Council provides a platform for industry thought leaders to explore innovative IT solutions. Council members discuss industry trends and opportunities and how to overcome shared challenges. Through the Council, Insight is deepening client relationships. The Council’s valuable perspectives help ensure alignment with clients’ future business needs. Council members appreciate connecting with their peers and Insight’s executive leadership team.

This fireside chat features guest speakers from Insight, Gary Richards and Megan Amdahl. Gary and Megan are co-executive sponsors of the CxO Council. They will talk about the value of the CxO Council, learnings from year one and keys to success.

What you will learn:

  • How Insight structures the CxO Council.
  • How they keep advisory council members engaged.
  • What Insight will do differently with the CxO Council next year.

Fireside chat details


  • Gary Richards, Senior Vice President-Client Experience and Operations, Insight
  • Megan Amdahl, Senior Vice President-Partner Alliances & North America Transformation, Insight
  • Nancy Trachtenbarg, Senior Consultant & Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group