CAB Workshop Top 5 Innovative Customer Advisory Board Meeting Agenda Sessions


The indispensable factor of any successful customer advisory board (CAB) is a strong meeting agenda. Want to generate 2x engagement and drive better insights from meetings? Then you must create interactive and unique agenda sessions.

In this workshop, Gavin Nathan, Partner & Senior Consultant, Ignite Advisory Group, will teach you the top most engaging agenda sessions.

We will share examples from CAB meetings we’ve facilitated and how to structure sessions for better CAB member interaction and actionable feedback.

The workshop lasts 30 minutes.

What you will learn:

  • Must-have agenda sessions
  • Overall flow of the top interactive agenda sessions
  • Why expert facilitation is key to driving more and better engagement

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Workshop details

Speaker: Gavin Nathan, Senior Consultant & Partner, Ignite Advisory Group

Duration: 30 minutes. 100% free.