[Template] Building a Business Case for Your Customer Advisory Board

Are you considering launching a customer advisory board? Is your senior management asking for a business case for the CAB? What goes into a business case for CABs? We’ve got you coveredā€”here’s a CAB business case template for you.

Start creating your CAB business case with our templateĀ to justify the investment in your advisory board program.

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Why build a business case for your advisory board?

A business case for customer advisor boards will enable you to justify and clearly communicate the reason, costs, risks, and benefits to the business.

Together with you, internal key stakeholders will review the pros and cons and the details before accepting, rejecting, amending, or postponing the proposal. If the stakeholders agree that the benefits of the customer advisory boards outweigh the investment, the business case helps you secure the funds needed.

Our business case for customer advisory board (CAB) template includes the following components:

  • Why now? Background and business needs
  • Benefits to the company and clients
  • Overview of participants, both internal key stakeholders and target customers
  • Why partner with a third-party
  • Deliverables, Timeline, Budget & Next steps

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To edit the template, which is a Google drive file, make a copy of it to your Google drive first.