Meet Kelley Spiridakis, Senior Consultant and Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group

Hi, I’m Kelley Spiridakis, Senior Consultant and Facilitator at Ignite Advisory Group where I support our clients in designing and managing their advisory boards. Prior to Ignite, I spent many years at Forrester Research managing client leadership boards, which gave me a firsthand look into the power of bringing your customers together. I really found that there was no better way to see the value of peers learning from other peers. It was pretty powerful.

I believe it’s now more important than ever for B2B companies to create forums, to bring customers together, to help drive engagement and retention, and really drive deep customer understanding. At Ignite, we design advisory boards that are mutually beneficial to both the host company, as well as the board member, ensuring that there’s value across the entire spectrum.

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