Meet Tatiana Falconi, VP Marketing, Ignite Advisory Group

Hi, I’m Tatiana Falconi, VP Marketing at Ignite Advisory Group. I focus on expanding the awareness of Ignite in the market as experts in designing, creating, and managing customer advisory boards for global B2B companies.

What I like about customer advisory boards are that they’re a unique program and approach that brings together the company’s most important customers to provide guidance and feedback to the host company. When advisory boards are managed well, the host company benefits and grows. And the company truly listens to their customers and makes impactful decisions based on the customer’s feedback. And deepening relationships with key customers is invaluable in the short and long term.

At Ignite, we provide best practices and methodologies to enable companies to maximize the impact from their advisory boards. I find it exciting to witness the many companies who are industry leaders take up the journey with us and see results.