Meet Bonnie Smith, Senior Consultant and Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group

Hi, I’m Bonnie Smith, Senior Consultant with Ignite Advisory Group. I’ve spent the last eight years helping customers of all sizes, create and run world-class customer advisory boards. Before I joined Ignite, I led global customer advocacy at Akamai. There I created and ran their 11-board global CAB program. My expertise running large CAB programs has allowed me to help many Ignite clients who are interested in scaling their programs to make a bigger and broader impact.

In addition to helping businesses scale their CAB programs, I love designing CABs, working with clients such as yourself, to determine the right elements that will deliver the best results and the best experience. Whether you have a large CAB program that needs help with process and scale or no CAB and want to make sure that your investment will deliver results, Ignite is here to help.