Improving your Customer Advisory Board: CAB Audit and Optimization

Customer Advisory Board Audit and OptimizationIgnite Advisory Group offers a comprehensive consulting engagement designed for existing Customer Advisory Board or Partner Advisory Board managers to benchmark their Advisory Board performance and gain actionable strategies to make meaningful improvements.

Leverage Proven Experience to Optimize your Customer Advisory Board

Ignite Advisory Group’s consulting services have helped Fortune 500 companies and leading firms assess, manage and optimize their customer and partner advisory boards. The engagement examines current advisory board structures and objectives, and assists program managers to achieve measureable and sustainable results.

Three-Phased Approach

Ignite Advisory Group’s audit and optimization approach features three phases to deliver more effective customer advisory board programs for your company and your members.

  • Review current advisory board model and deployment
  • Audit practice areas
  • Short and long-term recommendations

While many companies engage Ignite Advisory Group to streamline the operation of multiple advisory boards, the approach is equally effective for a single board. A brief description of each phase follows.

Phase 1: Review Current Model and Deployment

Review of the sponsoring company’s current customer advisory board methodology through the lens of Ignite Advisory Group’s extensive customer and partner advisory board experience is the starting point. In this phase, Ignite Advisory Group’s review progresses in the sequence below.

  •      Examine what is working well for advisory board objectives, metrics and structure
  •      Analyze current member composition, engagement scores and overall value
  •      Identify specific performance or process gaps that prevent the advisory boards from functioning at optimal level

Phase 2: Audit Practice Areas

This aspect of the engagement focuses on scoring key elements of the sponsoring company programs as compared to a best practices benchmark. Interviews with key sponsoring company stakeholders and select advisory board members determine audit scores. The “advisory board audit” provides a road map for immediate and continued advisory board success.

Among the advisory board elements examined include the following.

  • Advisory board design
    • Objectives, charter, advisory board composition, measurement tools
  • Agenda and content development
    • Follow up on member recommendations and action items
    • Advisory board external communication structure
  • Member participation
    • Member recruiting process and success
    • Member engagement scoring and rankings
    • Member engagement opportunities throughout the year
  • Metrics and ROI for the advisory board
    • Internal “sphere of influence” depth
    • Marketing advocacy outcomes leveraged from advisory board members

Phase 3: Short and Long-Term Recommendations

Ignite Advisory Group offers the sponsoring company a variety of recommendations.

  • Short-term initiatives focus on how to optimize the overall program performance
  • Long-term initiatives typically address changes to the structure and/or management of the advisory board(s).

The actionable strategies proposed in this phase have produced positive results that streamline and fast-track performance for a variety of horizontal and vertical customer advisory and partner advisory boards.

To learn more about ways to accelerate the performance of your Customer Advisory Board, contact Ignite Advisory Group today.