Customer Advisory Board Facilitator Training

June 13-14, 2018 | Boston, Mass.

Ignite Advisory Group offers the most comprehensive and the industry’s only Customer Advisory Board Facilitator Training. Join our group training. Our training provides a groundwork and foundation for critical elements of facilitation that pertain to a Client Advisory Board. The training is hands on with facilitation role-play and group exercises to quickly learn and experiment with a variety of Client Advisory Board facilitation aspects.

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Who should attend the Customer Advisory Board Facilitator Training?

  • CAB Facilitator
  • CAB Session Owners/ Leaders
  • Managing Director/ EVP/ SVP/ VP/ Director/ Manager of:
    • CAB or Executive Briefing Center
    • Executive Customer Interactions
    • Marketing, Customer Experience, Customer Insights
    • Relationship Management, Client Engagement
  • CAB Executive Sponsor, CxO
CAB Facilitator Training Brochure & Agenda

What will you learn from this Customer Advisory Board Facilitator Training?


Critical facilitation strategies and techniques for Customer Advisory Boards


Facilitation methodologies and session design to gain active participation and insights from members and internal stakeholders


Meeting feedback, insights, visualization and action tracking into your Customer Advisory Board experience


Your knowledge of effective facilitation for Customer Advisory Boards


Customer Advisory Board objectives and metrics and internal executive alignment


The skills to leverage facilitation techniques and achieve maximum value and ROI on your Customer Advisory Board

NETWORK Exchange ideas and learn from other CAB facilitators throughout the interactive training, including small group exercises

Customer Advisory Board Facilitator Training Manual

All participants receive a comprehensive 150+ pages manual with templates, best practices, graphs and charts.

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Typical Agenda:

  • CAB OVERVIEW Definition, benefits, types, maturity levels, engagement spectrum, internal positioning (product marketing/customer experience/research/ insights), key challenges, overall best practices
  • CAB OBJECTIVES AND ROI METRICS Business reason and mutual benefit, success metrics, board impact measurement, insights into action, scorecard and metrics examples, advisory board benchmarking
  • AGENDA CREATION On-boarding process, agenda creation process overview, creating a relevant discussion guide, content development, key milestones
  • THE FACILITATOR ROLE Facilitator role, basic and advanced facilitator requirements, role of internal executives as facilitators: challenges and opportunities, facilitation checklists, meeting room checklist, pre-meeting checklist, members wear two hats (customer and advisory), facilitation guidelines and roles for facilitators/ members/ employees, meeting facilitation process, maintaining 80/20 rule, seating plan strategy and optimal room setup
  • FACILITATION TECHNIQUES Facilitation skills, nonverbal communication, facilitation challenges, active moderation skills, guided discussion process, active listening, paraphrasing, summarizing, intervention, go around, treasure box, encouraging participation, clarifying, tracking, stacking, linking, responding to questions and comments, effective co-facilitation, effective flip chart usage, time management best practices, managing responses from internal executives, visualization techniques (flipcharts, wall of ideas, doodling), meeting evaluation and gaining consensus on next steps
  • DESIGNING A SUCCESSFUL SESSION Prep meeting with management, opening welcome session overview, gathering member meeting expectations (and ensuring they are met),breakout sessions, top 10 advisory board sessions – uses and outputs, session design structure, gamification – strategy games, speed boat, product box, spider web, work with translators and cultural communication differences
  • MEETING SUMMARY AND ACTION TRACKER Session key takeaways process for active listening from employees, member feedback form, meeting feedback process and benchmarking, meeting summary components and template, visualizing the meeting summary, capturing key insights, insights to action, action tracker
  • FACILITATION SIMULATION Personas assigned to entire group (vendor and member), several 35 minute simulations of a session, feedback on facilitation, topics selected related to company or use generic topics provided by Ignite Advisory Group

What are participants saying about the program?

“Every CAB Manager should participate in this training to meet your peers, learn great techniques to take back to your organization, and improve facilitation skills in a safe environment.”

April Twilley, CAB Program Manager, Customer Engagement Programs, Verizon


“While I consider myself an expert in executing and facilitating CAB meetings, there is always something to be learned from Ignite and the other participants. I garnered many great facilitation techniques that will allow my programs to run more smoothly.”

Lisa Bianco, VP Customer Experience, SAP Ariba

“Ignite’s facilitation training provides strong theoretical frameworks, prescriptive planning tools, and real world scenarios for a complete toolkit to successfully structure and facilitate CAB sessions.”

Peter Nogalo, Marketing Manager, ARI

“The Ignite Advisory Group CAB Training is a must for any company that is serious about their Customer Advisory Board.”

Kelly Carlsted, Customer Marketing, Jive Software

“The quality of this training is world class. A+ Very comprehensive tools and materials, well crafted.”

Bonnie FitzGerald Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies

“The CAB training provided all the professional elements needed to enhance the value of our advisory council. Time and investment well spent!!”

Sheila Stromberg, Director – Vertical Markets, Healthcare Solutions, HID Global

“This training gave me the information I needed to take our program to the next level. Do not hesitate to join this program – money very well spent.”

Michele Heckmann, Senior Director, Customer Insights, Equifax

“Even though I have worked with CABs in the past, I found this program to be very enlightening. Knowledge shared between attendees was invaluable!”

Elizabeth Murphy, Senior Events Manager, Ellie Mae

“Ignite Advisory Group delivered a best-in-class facilitation training, expertly infusing real life examples with advanced facilitation principles. This has been a very valuable experience for all the participants.”

Siobhan Onthank Head of Customer Engagement, Aetna

Past attendees represent these companies:

ABB, Adobe, Aetna, Akamai Technologies, Appirio, ARI (Automotive Resources International), Atrion Networking, Charles Schwab, Cisco, Dell, Ellie Mae, eLoyalty, EMC, Emerson Network Power, Equifax, Fiserv, Hewlett Packard, Hexagon Metrology, GE Software, HID Global, Intel, Iron Mountain, Jive Software, Oracle, PHT Corporation, PNC Bank, Rackspace Hosting, Renaissance Learning, Riverbed Technology, Siemens, Symantec, SunGard Availability Services, U.S. Bank, Verizon, VMware, Xerox

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