Beginner's Guide to Establishing
a World-Class
Customer Advisory Board

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Establishing a World-Class

Customer Advisory Board

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In this informative guide, learn the basics of a Customer Advisory Board, including:

PART 1: The Big Picture Learn the WHAT, VALUE, WHO, TYPES of CABs and WHERE CABs can HELP

PART 2: What Makes CABs Work Find out the critical themes that guide everything you do in running your CAB: #1. The power is in the group, #2. The CAB is about them...your customers, #3. Give it time, #4. CABs are not an event, but an ongoing program

PART 3: Devising Your CAB Strategy Learn about your ‘Power to Convene’ top customers, crafting a compelling business reason for your CAB, exploring the possibilities of CAB themes, getting your internal team aligned, and more.

PART 4: Designing Your Customer Advisory Board Read about these key items for desigining your CAB: how will the CAB be structured?, what’s the theme of your CAB?, how many members?, where and when will you hold your first meeting?, drawing up your CAB Charter, and more. 

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Ignite Advisory Group is the world's leading consultancy focused on customer and partner advisory boards. We've developed advisory board best practices from facilitating and managing over 200 advisory boards. Our solutions include a full range of customer and partner advisory board services, from complete outsourced management, assessment and benchmarking, on-site and hosted training to program mentorship. Ignite counts Dell, Cisco, Xerox, Qualcomm, Adobe, Iron Mountain, Arbor Networks, Brocade Networks and many others as customers. Contact us at 888-667-7027 or and visit our blog at

FREE GUIDE - Beginner's Guide to Establishing a World-Class
Customer Advisory Board