Building a Business Case for Your Customer Advisory Board

Are you considering launching a customer advisory board (or even hiring a third party to help you create and manage an advisory board)? If so, you’ll need to develop a business case for your customer advisory board. We've got a template for you.

Why build a business case for your advisory board?

A business case for customer advisor boards will enable you to justify and clearly communicate the reason, costs, risks, and benefits to the business.

Together with you, internal key stakeholders will review the pros and cons and the details before accepting, rejecting, amending, or postponing the proposal. If the stakeholders agree that the benefits of the customer advisory boards outweighs the investment, the business case helps you secure the funds needed.

Our business case for customer advisory board (CAB) template includes the following components:

  • Why now? Background and business need
  • Benefits to the company and clients
  • Overview of participants, both internal key stakeholder and target customers
  • Why partner with a third party
  • Deliverables, Timeline, Budget & Next steps

Download our CAB business case template now to justify the investment in your advisory board program. Fill in the form to get the template.

Customer Advisory Board Business Case Template

To download the customer advisory board business case template, simply fill out this form.

A little bit about Ignite Advisory Group

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Our comprehensive services include outsourced program management, audit and optimization, on-site and hosted training, advanced facilitation, program mentorship and much more.

Backed by hundreds of advisory engagements with leading B2B companies, our proven methodology for managing and evolving Customer Advisory Boards includes a 4-stage process, encompassing 48 deliverables and measured by 20 metrics to deliver a clear ROI.

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