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How to Build a Business Case for Launching Your Company's Customer Advisory Board in 2021

Rachel Kozun, VP of Global Customer Success, Quali

Rob Jensen, Senior Consultant & Facilitator, Ignite Advisory Group

Live Webinar | March 4, 2021 | 3:00 PM EST | 2:00 PM CST | 12:00 PM PST


When companies begin their effort to initiate a customer advisory board (CAB), they are often asked by their senior management for a “business case” for creating one. Often, marketers are not sure how to build this, the questions to ask or the data to provide back to management. In fact, building such a business case is one of the top questions we get from those interested in starting a CAB program.

When it comes to starting a customer advisory board program, your company should initiate such a business case by first conducting a bit of self-analysis by asking key questions and documenting the overall benefits, cost, risk, budget and timeline.

Or perhaps you have to secure ongoing support for an existing advisory board. The same elements for justifying a new board can be applied to keep your existing board going.

Guest speaker Rachel Kozun, VP of Global Customer Success, Quali just kicked off their inaugural CAB in 2021. She'll share how she built a business case and gained internal alignment for their advisory board program.

What you will learn

  • How Quali built a business case for their CAB & aligned internal stakeholders
  • Why you need a business case for CABs
  • Critical questions to review and discuss with stakeholders
  • Assessing the potential ROI for your CAB program
  • What to include in your buiness case for CABs
  • Tips and resources to get your CAB program launched in 2021 

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