Top B2B Market Research Firms


Strategically developing your business based on input, validation and feedback from your customer base is key for B2B companies. At Ignite Advisory Group, we specialize in Customer Advisory Boards and Partner Advisory Boards to help your business tap into the voice of the customer at the senior decision maker level and gain strategic guidance and insight.

A complimentary way to listen to the voice of the customer is to use market research. We’ve compiled a list of the top B2B market research firms. These companies provide local U.S. and global qualitative and quantitative market research services and solutions.

Congratulations to the top business to business market research companies on this list:

With headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Amplitude Research provides a full suite of online survey and market research solutions to many industries in the U.S. and worldwide. They have over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C and IT market research using a variety of methodologies and tools such as web panels, engagement surveys and customer satisfaction measurement. They offer all aspects of market research from survey design and writing to sampling, data analysis and producing custom reports.

B2B International is a global full-service research firm, offering custom market research to business-to-business organizations. The company provides comprehensive research services to a wide range of sectors, from traditional heavy industry through to IT, financial, food and beverage, and business services. It counts 600 of the world’s largest 1,500 companies among its client base.

Bellomy Research is a full service market research firm with more than 35 years of experience in various industries (financial services, CPG, retail, telecom, etc) using their in-depth knowledge, backed by strengths in the technology and science.  Bellomy Research provides efficient, dependable and precise data collection and  turns that data into actionable answers to complex business questions.

Braun Research offers global research in various formats, including in-person, online and phone. is a telephone research, web research and data processing operations center. Domestic and International Research (Phone, Online and F2F) Our clients include corporate, social and policy, government and political researchers. We specialize in quick turnaround quality work.

Cascade Insights has provided B2B market research and competitive intelligence services for 10 years, working exclusively for leading B2B technology companies, such as Amazon Web Services, Dell, IBM and SAP.   Cascade’s services include key buying criteria research, product or services launches, buyer persona research, market opportunity research, channel and ecosystem research, and win/loss analysis.

Backed by decades of market research experience, CatalystMR provides full services market research services, driven by their customer’s needs. Their services range from full survey design, data capture and analysis to online and mobile surveys,panels globally and other complex research methodologies. Other services include translation, phone surveys and video testing.

CFO Research Services, created in 2000, is the research unit of CFO Publishing, LLC, which creates CFO conferences and the CFO magazine and manages CFO Research Services specializes in research studies focusing on corporate finance and business strategy. Through survey and interviews with many CFOs worldwide, they generate the content for co-branded research reports.

Crescendo Consulting Group provides a complete range of research solutions to help customers gain business insights and reach business objectives. Through qualitative and quantitative research, they provide services in many verticals such as financial services, technology, healthcare and social services.  They use various methodologies to gather opinions and data, including surveys, interviews, qualitative research and focus groups.

With offices in Sweden, major European cities, North America and Asia-Pacific, Cint accesses opinions from over 10 million people in many countries worldwide via 800 panels owned by different publishers, media outlets, agencies and nonprofits. Cint focuses on providing SaaS technology services and panel management products for marketing research. Their Opinion Hub solutions is an enterprise solution for the online sampling process, creating target groups, build and monetize panels, and more.

Clarion Research has over 20 years of award winning experience in driving qualitative and quantitative insights into customer behavior. Their consultative approach resonates with a variety of people at companies, from on the floor management to top level executives.

Clear Seas Research makes the complex clear by providing custom research, syndicated case studies and prescreened online panels.  Clear Seas Network of industry leaders give them an advantage in providing growth strategies to all of the partner clients.

Clearworks enables companies worldwide to better connect with their customers using comprehensive market research solutions combined with extensive product development marketing experience. They provide actionable business insights to help customers’ achieve their goals and make strategic business decisions.

Copernicus provides consulting and marketing research services and solutions that are data-driven and focused on transforming companies and delivering “inspiration through data”. They work across many industries and both B2B and B2C companies, in new product development, predictive analytics, portfolio strategy and more.

Corona Insights provides bright insights and brilliant guidance to decision makers by gathering accurate and unbiased business data.  From humble beginnings 10 years ago, Corona Insights under the leadership of Kevin Raines has risen to prominence with 100% of their client base either “definitely” or “probably” recommending them as their go-to Market Research Specialist.

In business for over 40 years in Brazil, Demanda is one of the top market research firms in Latin America serving leading companies and other research firms in the U.S and Europe.   Demanda has a full suite of market research services in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, IT, pharmaceutical, and more, especially across Latin America. They have partners across the world to provide services globally.

With over 100,000 members in their active network, Epocrates offers one of the largest panels of AMA approved physicians and healthcare providers in the United States.  According to their 2012 survey, their work has prevented over 27,112,800 adverse drug events.

Since 1947 Erdos & Morgan has provided full service research and marketing services to a variety of corporate, agency and media customers. They have extensive syndicated research studies focused on business leaders and opinions as well as custom research focused on customer satisfaction, product positioning, brand research and more.

With over 9 years of B2B and B2C experience, Feedback provides full service market research in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Their services include focus group facilities and full research offices across the Middle East. Their reach of over 700 interviewers space over 15 countries across the region.  

Focus Market Research has over 40 years of experience offering qualitative research and focus group facilities in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Phoenix. Their facilities feature spacious rooms and lounges, privacy for focus groups, and test kitchens.

Fresh Squeezed Ideas services clients in North America, Europe and Asia with comprehensive market research that is award winning. Their focus is on helping companies gather insights on individual’s motivations and influences to develop and grow their brands from actionable business insights.

Granite Part offers full service market research, gathering both qualitative and quantitative data that help companies make impactful business decisions. Their target market is mid-size companies and nonprofits.

Heart+Mind Strategies offers a full suite of market research and consulting solutions to help enterprises better understand “the hearts and minds” of their customers and provide actionable business insights for measurable success. As the research lead on several award winning Ogilvy campaigns, Heart+Mind has a staff with decades of experience working with Fortune 500 customers on successful research engagements.

InCrowd’s proprietary on-demand market research platform allows for life science research that draws its data from actual patients, prescribers and other healthcare professionals. Clients choose InCrowd for its ability to provide custom market research 24 hours a day.

InfoCommerce Group is a market research firm focusing on information products. They work with publishers to help them learn more about their advertisers, subscribers and prospects. They work with firms to help them create new product offerings that are specifically tailored to fit their customers’ existing needs. 

Informa Research Services, Inc., is the premier provider of competitive product and fee intelligence, sales and service evaluation, regulatory compliance testing, and lead generation services to the U.S. financial industry. Established in 1983, Informa serves more than 6,500 clients including all of the top 100 financial institutions in the U.S. Informa is committed to providing accurate and timely intelligence, access to our industry and product experts, and the actionable insights necessary to knowledgeably arrive at the best assessments and decisions. 

Ipsos is a global market research firm with worldwide presence in 87 countries and over 2,100 research professionals and staff in North America. Ipsos uses a team of industry expertise and advanced analytics and methodologies in all of their research and consulting service offerings. Research areas of expertise include: survey management, advertising, customer loyalty, media, marketing and public affairs research.

iSky’s flagship research tool 360 DEGREE INSIGHT measures customers’ brand recognition to provide actionable data for firms to capitalize on and make meaningful business decisions. iSky specializes in customer relationship solutions in the technology sector and their team has more than 75 years of experience.

Issues and Answers Network is a marketing research company which offers surveys, sampling design, data collection and many other services.  Issues and Answers was founded in 1988 by Peter J. McGuinness and his leadership has lead it to employ over 500 people in the US.

Kadence is a research company with expertise in B2B data collection, along with offering a full research services offering of design, survey creation and data analysis. Kadence operates in the U.S. and worldwide in the UK, India, Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Vietnam. They offer local insights and knowledge and multi-country research studies.

Karchner Marketing Research provides full service custom market research.  KMR is your strategic partner in delivering timely, on budget and actionable reports for your strategic business decisions.  Founded in 2003 by Mike Karchner, KMR provides best in class research services to organizations throughout the United States.

Based in London, England, with a panel team of 500 professional interviewers, Kudos Research specializes in phone data collection in over eighty countries with native speakers. They provide qualitative and quantitative phone research, along with B2B and consumer research. Their services also include recruitment, executive interviewing, questionnaire logic review, digital recording, and remote access to survey results. They ensure collaboration and transparency with clients for maximum quality research and data.

L.C. Williams and Associates provides a unique blend of custom research enhanced by their strong public relations team. This approach allows them to provide not only research but clear data driven communication strategies.

L&E specializes in focus groups out of their fully equipped focus group facility in St. Louis, Missouri.  With the ability to do everything from large sized focus groups and mock trials to smaller meeting rooms and setting up live video streams and conference calls, L&E has everything you want from a St. Louis Focus group.

Lightspeed Research uses a variety of specialty and custom panels and mobile surveys to gather insights from any market segment and provide the highest quality market research. Their quantitative and qualitative online market research is backed by a strong team that manages a wide variety of data collection solutions.

Maritz Research provides an array of research, customer experience measurement and other marketing services. Maritz Research has global reach in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and Asia. Their industry experience includes tech/telecom, retail, hospitality, retail, and financial services. Their focus is on helping companies tune into their voice of the customer and what customers want.

Mars Research has over three decades of experience providing data collection and market research services in South Florida, U.S. They offer a range of survey-based packages using appropriate methodologies. Mars Research offers extensive research and survey solutions including product research, focus groups, touchscreen surveys, ethnic marketing research, educational research, mobile research.

With offices in the U.S., Canada and worldwide, Market Probe offers a full suite of research services and their Insight Management tool for mobile monitoring of real time Customer Experience Management.  Insight Manager IM can push customer feedback directly to your mobile device for quick response by appropriate team members.

Metromark provides a full suite of research services via focus groups, phone research, mail surveys and database review  globally in the U.S. and Europe. With decades of experience, the company primarily serves the healthcare and legal industries.

With global presence in Europe, U.S. and India, MarketTools (part of MetrixLab) provides online research services in over 50 countries around the world. They focus on providing actionable insights for the business based on using analytics and respondent engagement with research science experts. Areas of focus vary from Customer Experience Management to innovation, media, advertising and eBusiness performance.

With global offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia/Latam partnerships, Northstar Research Partners offers strategic global research, analytics and insights. They provide digital research, statistical analysis, and qualitative and quantitative research for B2B and consumer across many industries.

The Olinger Group provides a full suite of custom market research and uses the latest technology and expert teams to service a range of customers including Fortune 500 firms in various industries such as telecom/technology, food services, real estate, hospitality and healthcare. The Olinger Group has been providing high quality qualitative and quantitative research services for 20 years with a dedicated team that focuses on meeting the needs of their customers.

Quester uses its proprietary moderatring platform to gather large sets of marketing data quickly. Quester’s expertise in the business to business market research ecosystem is their ability to seamlessly blend quantitative data with qualitative stories to provide “The Big Picture” which drives actionable insights for their clients.

In 1963 founder Joseph H. Rabin had a vision to create the best Market Research firm in Chicago. Over 50 years later Rabin Research continues to provide B2B and B2C market research insights that inspired Joseph H. Rabin originally to create the company.  Rabin Research excels with complex studies but is small enough to give personal attention to each research project and report.

For over 60 years, Radius Global Market Research has provided global market research services focused on helping companies increase sales and revenues through strengthening their brand. Through their global reach across the world, they provide custom research services and thought leadership to drive performance and brand success.

Resolution Research is an innovative full service firm providing unique insights into consumer behaviors.  Resolution Research provides cutting edge research collection strategies paired with  data processing services to provide action reports for managers or executives in any industry.

For over 60 years, Russell Research has provided innovative, custom research focusing on delivering actionable business insights, coming from both qualitative and quantitative research. Some of the industries they focus on include: business-to-business, food and beverage, finance, telecom and pharmaceuticals.

Salter Mitchell offers a new focus group facility in Florida (Tallahassee) where specialists conduct research and gather data from a wide range of people in Florida, including students, healthcare professionals, state policymakers and young professionals. Their experienced staff are available to support customers at their fully equipped facility with high speed Internet, digital video and audio recording equipment.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, Sharpe Associates offers B2B and high-tech marketing research and consulting services. Through survey, research and evaluation, Shape Associates provides insights to impact key business strategic decisions. They provide research across many verticals, such as software, telecom, energy, healthcare, construction, financial services and others.

Shugoll Research delivers qualitative and quantitative research via world class facilities deliver in the Metro DC region, including Maryland and Virginia. Shugoll Research collects market data for large multi-national corporations, government agencies and institutions while provide key insights into consumer behavior.

SIS International provides marketing research and intelligence in the U.S. and globally for 30 years.  On the B2B research side, their research services focus on best practices, channel management, trade show, employee satisfaction, IT and more. Strategic research focuses on M&A, market entry, competitive analysis and more. Services also include product research, innovation solutions, and analytics and statistics. Their methods include focus groups, surveys, interviews, social media, analytics and more.

With millions of IT pros using Spiceworks to manage their networks and do their jobs, we’re pioneering a fresh approach to IT research. We combine usage stats on the technologies that keep IT pros’ businesses running with social insights on their behavior, complimented with quantitative and qualitative research conducted among our million-strong research panel of REAL IT pros. Translation? One-of-a-kind tech research you can’t find anywhere.

SSI provides business insights and research via data collection and analysis from respondents in over 85 countries out of their 25 offices. SSI provides questionnaire design services, custom reporting and data processing as well as a host of other business to business solutions.

SSRS is a full-service survey and market research firm managed by a core of dedicated professionals with advanced degrees in the social sciences. SSRS designs and implements solutions to complex strategic, tactical, public opinion, and policy issues in the U.S. and in more than 40 countries worldwide. SSRS partners with clients interested in conducting high-quality research. SSRS is renowned for its sophisticated sample designs and its experience with all modes of data collection, including those involving multimodal formats. SSRS provides the complete set of analytical, administrative and management capabilities needed for successful project execution.

System1 Research, formerly BrainJuicer, was founded in 2000 and has pioneered the use of behavioural science to better predict innovation, packaging, advertising and shopper marketing that guarantees profitable growth. Named ‘Most Innovative Company’ by GreenBook (6 years in a row), Best Research Agency by Marketing Magazine and twice received ESOMAR’s Best Methodology award.

TNS is one of the world’s largest custom research agency working with clients in over 80 countries. TNS provides innovative custom research with clear courses of action based on specific client goals. TNS is part of the Kantar network.

With over 45 years of experience, Technomic provides custom research and consulting services to the food industries and tangential products and services. Technomic operates globally and provides a full suite of research services that include research programs like the Food Service Planning Program, research groups, studies and tracking services, and online services like the Digital Resource Library and consumer and various reports.

Vision One is a specialist full service insight agency specialising in B2B and B2C insight. Vision One, with its headquarters in London (UK) blends excellence, innovation and creativity to provide high quality reliable research. With bespoke solutions we pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our work which includes both qualitative and quantitative (telephone, online and face to face) research.

ZStrategies is a world class market research firm focusing on multi-ethnic research studies. With her team’s diverse background, Denene Jonielle Rodney and her team are able to gather data based on each targeted demographic and the resulting actionable insights allow them to “Start seeing beyond the herd”.