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Customer Advisory Board Training

Ignite Advisory Group offers the most comprehensive and interactive Customer Advisory Board Training.

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Our training emphasizes practical experience based on working with the world’s leading companies to advance their customer insights, the executive voice of the customer, market research, and sales and marketing strategy.

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A typical agenda includes these topics:  

  • CAB OVERVIEW Definition, benefits, types, maturity levels, engagement spectrum, internal positioning (product marketing/customer experience/research/ insights), key challenges, overall best practices 
  • SETTING THE RIGHT CAB OBJECTIVES AND CREATING RELEVANT ROI METRICS Alignment to business strategy, creating a powerful theme, mutual benefit concept, CAB evolution model, securing executive sponsorship, realizing executive alignment, success metrics and KPIs, CAB impact model – Breakout Groups and Readouts 
  • CAB DESIGN, INFRASTRUCTURE AND PROJECT PLAN How to design the charter: what are the key considerations and decision points in terms of members, content, meeting, impact and follow through. Roles and responsibilities for different phases, progress reports, communications infrastructure, branding considerations 
  • MANAGING THE RECRUITMENT PHASE Member selection criteria, recruitment process, recruitment documentation and collateral 
  • AGENDA CREATION AND PREPARING FOR THE CAB MEETING On-boarding process, agenda creation process, creating a relevant discussion guide, content development, key milestones, internal preparation prior to meeting, the meeting kit 
  • MEETING FACILITATION, INSIGHTS REPORT, ACTION TRACKING Facilitation guidelines, facilitation process, role of the facilitator, moderation techniques, interactive exercise, meeting insights report, tracking key actions 
  • MANAGING THE CAB FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Engagement plan, subcommittee charter and structure, optimal interaction cadence and frequency, member ranking, member rotation, CAB online communities, leveraging CAB value, marketing deliverables, managing multiple CABs 

All participants receive a comprehensive 150+ pages manual with templates, best practices, graphs and charts.  

A little bit about us.  

Ignite Advisory Group is the world's leading consultancy focused on customer and partner advisory boards. We've developed advisory board best practices from facilitating and managing over 200 advisory boards. Our solutions include a full range of customer and partner advisory board services, from complete outsourced management, assessment and benchmarking, on-site and hosted training to program mentorship. Ignite counts Dell, Cisco, Xerox, Qualcomm, Adobe, Iron Mountain, Arbor Networks, Brocade Networks and many others as customers. Contact us at 888-667-7027 or https://www.igniteag.com/contact/.  

What others have said about CAB Training: 

  • “Great training. I came into the training not really knowing about a CAB. This provided me with a great foundation for getting our CAB started at U.S. Bank.” Todd M. Albers, Payables Program Strategy, U.S. Bank  
  • “Whether you have a seasoned CAB or are just starting out, the CAB training program can add insights and value to your organization.” Alison Lutjemeier, Sr. Manager, Customer Advisory Board, Adobe Systems, Digital Marketing BU 
  • “This training was hugely beneficial. I plan to share what I’ve learned with other CAB managers at my company.” Marquisha Lucas, Customer Advisory Marketing Manager, Cisco  
  • “Ignite is the master chef of CAB management. They provide the cookbook, the best practices, the entire process from soup to nuts, with great attention to detail. I can immediately unlock value from this training.” Paul Comeau, SVP Support and Customer Success, Kyriba