Customer Advisory Board Training

Leverage Ignite to Train You or Your Staff to Run a World-Class Customer Advisory Board Program

With over 200 client advisory board (CAB) engagements under our collective belts, Ignite Advisory Group are renowned experts in establishing, managing and optimizing world-class customer advisory board and partner advisory board programs. We are happy to convey our experience, knowledge and best practices to customer advisory board program managers, executive sponsors, facilitators, or anyone interested in learning how to create or improve a client advisory council program.

Our training is offered in three primary formats:

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    • Customer Advisory Board Training

      Each year, Ignite hosts comprehensive training events for customer advisory board managers to learn proven best practices, develop their skills in managing their programs, and apply these lessons to their own advisory board initiatives. Our training emphasizes practical experience based on working with the world’s leading companies to advance their customer insights, executive voice of the customer, market research and sales and marketing strategy.

      VIRTUAL CAB TRAINING, NEXT GROUP SESSION: JUNE-JULY 2019 (June 11th, June 19th, July 10th, 2019). 
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    • Onsite Customer Advisory Board Training

      Ignite offers its acclaimed training program for managers or facilitators on-site at your company location. Ideal for larger companies who manage multiple client advisory board programs, our on-site training enables us to not only bring our proven methodologies and experience to your CAB personnel, but allows us to customize our training content specifically to your program and company desires. Learn more about onsite CAB Manager Training.

    • Coaching and Mentoring

      Ignite offers our expertise, best practices and materials templates to companies who desire to manage their customer advisory board programs internally, but desire exert guidance to optimally establish and manage a new CAB program, or improve an existing CAB program. Learn more about our coaching and mentoring offering here. Contact us to learn more about this new offering.


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See What Our Customers Are Saying

“The CAB Manager training program was perfect for putting structure around what a well-run Customer Advisory Board should look like. I look forward to implementing many of these pieces.”

Kristine Schnaufer
CAB Program Manager
PNC Bank

“Every CAB Manager should participate in the Ignite CAB Training to meet peers, learn great techniques to take back to your organization, and improve facilitation skills in a safe environment.”

April Twilley
CAB Program Manager, Customer Engagement Programs

“While I consider myself an expert in executing and facilitating CAB meetings, there is always something to be learned from Ignite and the other participants at the CAB Training. I garnered many great facilitation techniques that will allow my programs to run more smoothly.”

SAP Ariba Client Advisory CouncilLisa Bianco
VP Customer Experience
SAP Ariba

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