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How to Deliver a World-Class Customer Advisory Board

There is an Art form to Running a World Class CAB. In this eBook, learn insights, best practices, and tips to create and manage an impactful customer advisory board. Learn how to run your advisory board like the very best CABs in the world, including those from Fortune 100 companies.

In this eBook, learn the 5 key elements you must master to run a world-class CAB:

  • Reason to Convene (includes components of the charter document)
  • Peer-to-Peer Membership (includes developing a target member profile)
  • Interactive Meeting Agendas (includes tips for developing a mutually beneficial agenda)
  • Member Participation (includes details on the 80/20 rule of conversation and how to get quiet members to participate)
  • Compelling Results (includes ideas for keeping the CAB momentum going)Learn how to apply these elements to your board!

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