Customer Advisory Board Agenda Creation

As a discrete service, companies can tap into the experience, insights and Customer Advisory Board best practices of Ignite Advisory Group consultants to co-create relevant and powerful agendas for your Customer Advisory Board meetings. 

Frame Your Agenda with Outside-in Perspective

As you begin to contemplate your inaugural or next Customer Advisory Board agenda, consider these three questions.

1. What do you want customers to learn about your company?
2. What will your customers want to learn from each other?
3. What does your company want to learn from your customers?

Among your leadership team and appropriate subject matter experts, there should be at least half a dozen consensus business issues that the company wants to put on the table with the Customer Advisory Board.  As your team brainstorms these three questions, a clear theme may emerge that will shape the inaugural agenda.

Importantly, there must be reciprocal value propositions for your company and the Customer Advisory Board members.  Distill the consensus issues and solicit member feedback in advance of setting the final agenda.  That way, members will bring their unvarnished perspectives about the industry and your agenda topics to your meeting.  

Find a Meaningful Theme to Integrate Content

It is helpful if a central theme emerges that integrates content – such as meeting regulatory challenges, workforce of the future, or journey to new virtual norms.  A compelling theme conveys a shared vision that underscores the basis of the Customer or Partner Advisory Board formation and member participation.  If a natural theme does not surface, do not force it.  Members will quickly perceive the gap and be distracted by the “disconnect” in theme and supporting content.

Co-Create Your Agenda with Ignite Advisory Group
A Customer Advisory Board agenda is an expert blend of peer exchange, strategic insights, and networking opportunities built around relevant business and industry issues. Advance interviews with leadership team and Customer Advisory Board members once  “straw man topics” are derived is the path to a tightly-focused, customer-driven agenda aligned with your company’s strategic objectives.

The proven Ignite Advisory Group work flow and process for agenda creation is depicted and briefly described below

Customer Advisory Board Agenda Creation ProcessComprehensive personal interviews with Customer Advisory Board members to determine top-of-mind topics and agenda interests

  • Ignite Advisory Group collaborates with your program team to evolve the top-of-mind topics slate and creates the executive interview guides 
  • Ignite Advisory Group conducts and facilitates member calls using our executive interviewing framework.
  • An executive summary recaps analysis and insights with key findings, recommendations and trends, and is produced by Ignite Advisory Group
  • A review of this summary occurs with both the program manager and executive sponsor
  • A proposed time-block agenda is created by Ignite Advisory Group based on member interviews and discussion with your program team

To learn more about how to take your Customer Advisory Board agenda to the next level, contact Ignite Advisory Group today.